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Claudia Coppola


Claudia Coppola is a PhD candidate in the PhD joint program in Linguistics from La Sapienza and Roma Tre University (Rome). Her doctoral research focuses on the linguistic encoding of agency in a bank’s institutional website within an ethnopragmatic framework. She holds a MA in Interpreting and Translation from the University of International Studies of Rome (UNINT) and a BA in Linguistic and cultural mediation from Roma Tre University. Her main research interests concern the (ethno)pragmatic analysis of political discourse and advertisements, with a focus on implicit linguistic strategies and agency in a contrastive (German-Italian) perspective. In 2016 she joined the research group “OPPP!”, which monitors Italian political discourse and propaganda, and in 2020 took part in the research project “IMPAQTS” funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. In 2019 she was awarded a DAAD short-term research grant to carry out an interdisciplinary study on persuasion in German advertisements at the University of Mannheim, Department of Consumer Psychology.