INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE – Implicit Manipulation in Public Discourse: Quantitative and Qualitative approaches

Roma, 27-28 April 2023

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Thursday, April 27 – Theoretical and experimental perspectives on implicitness and implicit manipulation

8.45-9.00 Welcome address

9.00-10.50 FIRST SESSION

9.00-9.30 Anne Reboul Informativeness, manipulation and deception

9.30-10.00 Jacques Jayez (Innocent?) Bias inside language

10.00-10.30 Sandrine Sorlin How to do things with… implicitness

10.30-10.50 Discussion

10.50-11.10 Coffee break

11.10-13.00 SECOND SESSION

11.10-11.40 Angela Ferrari Présupposition et architecture du texte écrit. De la pragmatique à la textualité et de la textualité à la pragmatique

11.40-12.10 Jacopo Romoli Implicating in semi-cooperative contexts

12.10-12.40 Louis de Saussure Expressivity and emotions as creators of a shared experiential common ground

12.40-13.00 Discussion

13.00-14.30 Light Lunch

14.30-16.20 THIRD SESSION

14.30-15.00 Fabrizio Macagno The varieties of implicit manipulation

15.00-15.30 Juliane Schröter What can be implicit in an argument?

15.30-16.00 Steve Oswald Two rhetorical effects of insinuation: an experimental account

16.00-16.20 Discussion

16.20-16.40 Coffee break

16.40-19.00 FOURTH SESSION

16.40-17.10 Florian Schwarz Social Identity and Imprecise Numerals

17.10-17.40 Francesca Delogu The influence of information packaging on the perceived credibility of controversial statements

17.40-18.10 Diana Mazzarella Watch what you say (and how you say it)! Pragmatic meanings and speaker accountability

18.10-18.40 Nausicaa Pouscoulous Investigating false implicatures

18.40-19.00 Discussion

20.30 Social dinner

Friday, April 28 – Implicitness / Implicit Manipulation in Public Discourse


9.00-9.30 Paola Pietrandrea Social media and the transformation of public communication and private interaction.

9.30-10.00 Anita Fetzer “It’s a very good thing to bring democracy erm directly to everybody at home”: Meaning-making processes and discursive action in mediated political discourse

10.00-10.30 Dawn Archer ‘When you report fake news which CNN does a lot you are the enemy of the people’: Trump’s attempts to influence/manipulate audience members’ reality paradigms

10.30-11.00 Katarzyna Budzyńska, Yana Sviatsilnikava Data analytics: uncovering patterns and trends in public discourse

11.00-11.20 Discussion

11.20-11.40 Coffee break

11.40-13.30 SIXTH SESSION

11.40-12.10 Sofie Decock, Ilse Depraetere (In)directness in complaints: from customer service to political discourse

12.10-12.40 Jacqueline Visconti, Giulia Lombardi Linguistic implicit strategies in Italian counsel proceedings

12.40-13.10 Margarita Borreguero Zuloaga Types and functions of rhetorical questions in political discourse: From speech to social networks

13.10-13.30 Discussion

13.30-15.00 Light Lunch


15.00-15.30 Anna-Maria De Cesare Presupposition triggers with exhaustive meaning: Spotting their (manipulative) functions in automated persuasive texts

15.30-16.00 Davide Garassino Measuring implicit meaning. Some tentative proposals for a corpus-based pragmatics

16.00-16.30 Edoardo Lombardi Vallauri, Laura Baranzini, Doriana Cimmino, Federica Cominetti, Claudia Coppola, Norma De Marco, Giulia Giunta, Giorgia Mannaioli, Viviana Masia The IMPAQTS project. Achievements, results and future perspectives

16.30-17.10 Final discussion

17.10 Conclusion

giovedì 27 aprile 2023, venerdì 28 aprile 2023

Università Roma Tre – Dipartimento di Lingue, Letterature Culture Straniere – Sala Conferenze "Ignazio Ambrogio", via del Valco di S. Paolo 19, 2° piano (Metro B Marconi)